Other Services

In addition to the above services of Intellectual Property that are carried out before the Indonesian Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights, HeruLukito & Partners also provides the following services relating to Intellectual Property :

Intellectual Property Audit and Portfolio Management

The work includes :

Carrying out due diligence work on client's intellectual property assets; Providing assessment on the legal protection of all types of intellectual property rights owned by a company; Providing legal opinion on legal issues relating to existing Intellectual Property related agreements; Management of Intellectual Property portfolios.

Intelectual Property Litigation

IP litigation work concentrate on the following:

Trademark registration cancellation and invalidation actions before the Commercial Courts; and Disputesarising Intellectual Property license, franchise and Intellectual Property related agreements.

Intelectual Property Enforcement

Criminal Action/Police Raids, include services for :

Investigations; Preparing strategy with the Indonesian Police for simultaneous raids in multiple area; Liaising with Intellectual Property Offices in assisting Police force to obtain Expert Witness Opinion; Assist Police actions/raids; Monitor case at the Public Prosecutor Office and the criminal; Negotiation, settlement agreement, apology and warning advertisements, cease and desist campaign.

Intelectual Property Commercial

The work concentrates more on drafting and/or advising issues relating to :

Trademark/Patents/Copyrights license agreements; Franchise agreements, including registration for franchise business license; Intelectual Property related contracts (performers, broadcasting companies, employment work, trade secrets);

Domain Name

The work concentrates on :

Assisting clients to obtain a local domain name; Arranging third party as administrative contacts/local presence for local domain name registration.

Trademark Watching Services

We provide an annual trademark watching service.

IP Search Services

We provide accuracy in IP searches and provide opinions attentively.

Counterfeit Watching Services

This service provides a suitable package to annually monitors counterfeit activities and provides enforcement against the activities.

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